PowerSync Roller 20 Powers, Syncs And Rolls 20 iPads Mini



This post is for entertainment purposes only. Sure, there are people out there that will need a case with which they can transport up to twenty iPad minis, and which can charge all of them simultaneously, but they are probably few.

No, the real reason for this post is that the PowerSync Roller 20 is both amazing looking, and ridiculously over the top.


The travel-proof, convention-hall proof case rolls along just like any other corporate stroller, but open it up and you’ll see the golden glow of twenty little iPads, all begging to be fed. And feed them you can, just by hooking up the integrated Lightning cables to the appropriate outlet. You can even sync them as they feed, although good luck making iTunes actually stay responsive as it tries to talk to twenty devices.

Now, you surely don’t need one of these, but if you do you’ll have to wait until spring of this year, and pay an as-yet unspecified amount of money. But for you corporate stooges, that’s unlikely to be a problem, right?

Source: PowerSync Roller 10

  • technochick

    But does it Rick Roll

  • Paullloydjohnson

    For those of us who live in the real world actually this could be pretty useful, especially if Apple is going after the business sector. I work in retail and we use crappy old windows handhelds to do stock management. They are really old and really expensive to replace. If our company ever modernises, baring in mind that iOS would be a superior platform and do everything that our existing systems do and much more then this would be extremely useful. I would like to add that yet again Cult of Mac has a really shitty attitude. I hate the style of writing on this site, it is just bitchy. If you think something is useless (even when it isn’t) why post it? Why feel the need to be shitty about it?