CoverBuddy Compliments Your iPad Mini’s Smart Cover



Oddly enough, I bought the case for my iPad mini years ago, before even the full-sized iPad was a real thing that existed. It’s the back pocket of my jeans, and unless I’m sitting down or riding a bike, it’s just about perfect. And it’s even Smart Cover compatible.

But there are those who maybe like to protect their investment a little more, or who just really, really hate the sound of exquisitely hewn aluminum scraping against a rough-topped table. For you, there’s the CoverBuddy.

The CoverBuddy is a companion for your Smart Cover, and as such you can pick a matching color (a brief aside – why doesn’t Apple make a leather Smart Cover for the mini? I’d be all over that in a second).

It has cut-outs for all the holes and lenses, and covers up the buttons with a protective membrane that you can push through. In short, it will totally protect your little iPad from dings and scratches whilst letting you use every function.

And it’s cheap, too. Unlike Apple’s outrageously-priced screen covers, the CoverBuddy is just $20. Available now.

Source: SwitchEasy

Via: Macworld