Help Choose The Next Color Of This Ultra-Thin iPhone 5 Bumper [Kickstarter]


Looks good, doesn't it? I'm voting Purple.
I'm voting for purple.

The folks behind this already-fully funded Kickstarter project for the ultra-thin AL13 iPhone 5 bumper case want you to help them reach and then spend their stretch goal money. They’re looking for you to hop onto their project page and leave a comment with your vote for your favorite color from the choices of Purple, Fuschia, Blue, White, and Gunmetal. The winning color will go into production if the project reaches $75,000, while the top two favorite colors will go into production if the project reaches a stretch goal of $100,000.

Since the original $20,000 goal has already been more than doubled, these are pretty realistic goals, especially since there’s still 28 days to go in the project timeline.

The idea here is to protect your iPhone 4 or 5 with this super low profile, ultra-thin bumper, made from aerospace-quality aluminum and a shock-absorbing rubber lining. The bumper keeps your device safe without detracting from the looks fo the iPhone, which is one of the defining features, right? I hate hiding my iPhone in anything but a clear case–why hide the amazing design?

The original monetary goal was meant to purchase materials and to pay for the manufacturing process, as the team already had the design and the moulds for the different sized iPhone bumpers.

According to the project website, the team “stumbled upon the idea at a trade show. We’d been searching for the perfect iPhone bumper for a while but never found one that could do what we wanted – protect the phone, but be virtually invisible. We happened upon this amazing booth and immediately got really excited. This guy had it. His iPhone case was slim, attractive and made with extreme attention to detail. It was also ridiculously expensive.”

The team decided to engineer their own bumper to the exacting detail they loved in the original design, but to make it much more affordable. Thus, the Al13 was born.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page to give the Al13 some donation love, or at least to vote for your favorite color (purple!) for the stretch goal.

Source: Kickstarter

  • RyanTV

    Cool bumper, but not worth $55, not to mention the $79 they think they will retail for.