Brando’s Lightning Battery Case For iPhone 5 Is Actually Shipping… Slowly



We’re still waiting for iPhone 5 Lightning-compatible battery cases, but at least we’re finally getting some product teasers and (vague) launch dates. The latest comes from everybody’s favorite crapware vendor Brando, and costs a mere $35. And it even closes up like a book.

The External Power Pack, as it is called, clocks in at an acceptable 2,200mAh. Since the iPhone 5’s battery is rated at 1,440mAh, you should get around a charge and a half from it.

(For reference, the iPad mini has a 4,490mAh battery, and the iPad 3 a huge and thirsty 14,000mAh capacity)

The case itself has a small chin to house the Lightning connector, a flap to cover the front of the iPhone like a book, and a kickstand on the back for when you need to do some urgent kickstanding.

There’s also a magnetic closure, some LED charge indicators, and cut-outs for all ports, buttons and cameras.

Better still, you can actually order the case now, in black or white, for delivery in 7-20 days. Hey, that’s better than “soon,” right?

Source: Brando