Ikea Hack Turns Picture Ledge Into iPad Dock



When I first got my iPhone 5, I was desperate for a dock. As time has passed, and as the iPhone has picked up a few scratches and dents, I find I don’t really care anymore whether the phone is docked or not when it charges.

And I expect I’ll soon be saying the same about my new iPad mini. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need a place to prop it, especially when watching movies. Which is why I’m pretty impressed by Swedish Peter’s Ikea hack, which turns the Ribba picture ledge into a tablet stand.

Peter’s hack leaves the ledge almost unchanged, save for a hole drilled for the Lightning cable and an extra cross-member up near the rear wall to hold the iPad in a secondary, more upright position.

In fact this hack is so simple you could probably do it without the Ikeaware, and just go straight to the woodshed to pick out a couple of likely battens.

Should you copy Peter’s excellent example? Maybe. But more useful would be to take a look at the junk laying around your own home and user that instead. I’m currently abusing the the hospitality of some friends in San Francisco, and I have already spotted an empty cigar box that would make a great stand/passive speaker amp…

Source: IKEA Hackers

Via: Apartment Therapy