This Immaculate iPhone Cake Looks Too Good To Eat [Image]




Over the last few years we’ve seen all manner of Apple and iPhone shaped deserts, but this one takes the cake (zing!). It’s the most detailed iPhone cake we’ve ever seen, and it probably owes a lot of its beauty to the magic of fondant. It’s a cake even Jony Ive would be proud of. And the Happy Birthday reminder on the screen adds a perfect flourish.

Source: Facebook

Thanks: Grahame

  • Adrayven

    Wow, kinda cool and funny.

  • burnardreardon

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  • lambaline

    wow. I’d love to have that cake!

  • rcrider4

    Funny thing is that the cake phone is running iOS 4, so it doesn’t even have the Reminders app on it yet XD