Lomo Scanner Digitizes Film Photos Using Your iPhone



Analog media are great and all – vinyl, film, paper – but they all suffer by living in a non-connected vacuum. Lomo’s new Kickstarter project aims to fix that, for film photos at least, by turning your iPhone into a 35mm film and slide scanner.

Finally, you can post photographs with genuine light-leaks straight to your Instagram.

The scanner, which has already busted through its $50,000 funding target with weeks left to go, is a simple adjustable box with a backlight and a mount for your iPhone. Slide the phone into one end, slot the film into the other, switch on the lamp and shoot.

That’s it. Focus is automatic thanks to your iPhone’s camera, and a companion app will take care of editing the photos. Finally, there’s a little finger-wound crank to spool the film through the holder for batch scanning.

I’m in, although I’ll wait for this to show up in my local Lomo store before I buy it. “Back in the day,” I used to have my 35mm films processed and returned to me scanned to a CD. It was more expensive than straight prints, but also a lot easier than dicking around and trying to scan the films myself. In fact, a dedicated film scanner used to cost thousands.

A proper scanner is probably still pretty expensive, but if you have shot those film photos on a Lo-Fi Lomo, then you probably don’t care is the scan is crappy anyway. Plus, you can pick one up form the Kickstarter campaign for just $60.

Source: Kickstarter

Via: Petapixel

  • burnardreardon

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