Get Your Archived Mail Back To The Inbox On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


UnArchive eMail

So, it’s Sunday evening, and you realize you have an email from your boss from Friday that you really need to follow up on. You launch your Mail app on your iPhone and go to the Inbox, only to find that the message you saw on Friday afternoon is no longer in the Inbox because you archived it all on your computer before you want home.

Instead of freaking out, you can find that archived email, right there on your iPhone, and move it back to the Inbox where it belongs, so you can follow up on it before your boss comes in on Monday.

Launch Mail on your iPhone, and tap the left arrow in the upper left until you hit the Mailboxes screen. Tap on the account that you need to find the email message in, and then tap on All Mail. This will show you a list of every email in that account, whether it’s in the Inbox or Archived, no matter what the tag is. The only mail that won’t show up here is spam.

Tap on the email you want to send to the Inbox again, and then hit the icon of the file folder with the down arrow in it at the bottom of the screen, second from the left. This will show you a list of potential destination folders, the Inbox at the top. Tap on Inbox, and a cute little animated envelope will drop down. Your archived message is now in the Inbox, so you can respond to it appropriately.

Note this mainly works with Gmail-type accounts, where the default is to Archive mail rather than Delete it. If, however, you use another type of account, you can do the same thing; just know that your options will look different. If you delete mails instead of archiving them, simply tap through to the Trash folder in your account list.

Via: OS X Daily