Easily View And Post To Your Twitter And Facebook Streams With Tap Social 3.0


Addicted to Social Media? This won't help at all.
Addicted to Social Media? This won't help at all.

If you’re as much a Twitter and Facebook junkie as we are, you’ll have both websites up continuously, or you’ll run a third party app that you’ll need to switch to obsessively to keep track of your Twitter stream and Facebook status updates from all your FB friends, right?

If you want even more instantaneous access to your social feeds, however, you might want to try Tap Social, a Mac app that puts a stock-ticker style window at the bottom of your screen and streams the latest from your Twitter and Facebook accounts in an always on, real-time perspective on your social networks.

The app comes in two flavors, an ad-supported free version that only streams Twitter as well as a $4.99 version that has no ads and includes your Facebook stream as well. You can read, respond, retweet, and even post directly to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Features of TapSocial for Mac
• Tweet & Facebook Post – Right from the ticker! No need to open a web browser or other application.
• Pictures – Quickly identify someone’s Twitter or Facebook handle.
• Pause – Simply hover your mouse over the ticker and your feed will pause. You can even copy the text of a tweet or post!
• Reply (Twitter) – Easily reply to someone’s tweet right from the ticker.
• Retweet (Twitter) – See a great Tweet? Simply retweet it.
• Like (Facebook) – See a great Facebook post? Simply ‘Like’ it!
• Comment (Facebook) – Want to add your 2 cents? Post a comment.
• Lists – TapSocial automatically pulls in all your Twitter lists and gives you the ability to turn them on & off.
• Hashtags – Indicate which Twitter hashtags you’d like to follow and they’re added to your feed. Quickly turn them on & off just like lists.
• Customization – Change the font size, font color, ticker color, scrolling vs. flipping, and the speed of TapSocial.

This is a great way to work or play on your Mac without having to run a full-on Twitter app or keep a Facebook page open in your web browser. It’s also fantastic if you want to monitor your brand or work Twitter or Facebook account to keep track of your social media footprint, while still being able to do the other tasks you need to get done on your Mac.

Source: Mac App Store
Via: Tap Social