Rickshaw’s Newest Messenger Bag Glows With LED Light



Rickshaw, maker of most of my favorite bags, is hawking this neat new sack on Kickstarter. It’s a version of the venerable Zero Messenger bag, with the addition of a glowing LED strip along the back.

The Zero Messenger is a minimal-waste shoulder bag designed for cyclists but perfectly suited for use as an everyday carry-all. It’s available in three sizes (the medium is probably the one you want) and is made to order just for you after you pick the fabric and color options on the Rickshaw site (you can also adds MacBook and iPad pockets as options).

The Halo Zero Messenger is just like this, only it has a HALO LED strip on the flap. Powered by two button cells, it will last for 20 hours of continuous use or 60-75 hours of flashing, enough to keep a bike commuter safe for weeks.

Rickshaw’s regular bags can (and should) be bought right now, but as this is a Kickstarter project you’ll need to pitch in a minimum of $128 and wait until May. On the plus side, you’re guaranteed to actually get one should the campaign reach its funding goal.

Oh, and if you have any questions for the Rickshaw folks, tweet or mail them to me – I’m meeting up with them for a ride this week.

Source: Kickstarter

  • FriarNurgle

    Should make for an interesting conversation with the TSA.

  • seaaalex

    “Should make for an interesting conversation with the TSA.”

    Since its a Kickstarter project there is a very good chance you’ll never have that conversation….