Will Zagg’s iOS Game Pad Finally Provide A Standard?



The Caliber Advantage is yet another iOS gaming pad, but this one has one major advantage: It comes from Zagg, well-known accessory maker and purveyor of some of the finest iPad keyboards known to mankind.

Like almost all other gamepads, the Caliber connects via Bluetooth. It also offers an analog stick and a built-in lithium polymer battery. But the really neat part is the layout: the small, iPhone-sized package opens out to become a long stick, putting the iPhone in the center (on a spinning landscape/portrait turret) and the controls comfortably on either side.

It looks great, although it would be even greater if it didn’t cost $70. But you know what would be really cool? If the makers of these accessories could standardize on one, uh, standard so all games worked with all controllers. Unfortunately the markets don’t work that way, and the poor paying customer has to suffer.

The Caliber Advantage (which sounds more like a boring life-insurance plan than a gaming accessory) will be available “soon.”

Source: Zagg

Via: Revert to Saved