Video Streaming Service Watchever Arrives On Apple TV In Germany



Video streaming service Watchever is now available to Apple TV users in Germany following an update to the set-top box that was released by Apple on Friday. Launched by Vivendi just this month, the monthly subscription service is a lot like Netflix, giving users the ability to watch local and international movies and TV shows over the Internet.

Like Netflix, Watchever boasts a personal recommendation algorithm that suggests new content for its users, and one of its key features includes the ability to choose between German dubbed versions of international movies and TV shows.

According to The Next Web, this is the first time Apple has introduced an international-specific service to the Apple TV, which is only available in one region. This could indicate that Apple is working to appeal to international users by making deals with local content providers.

Users outside of the U.S., where a fewer number of third-party content channels are available on the Apple TV, have often felt like the device doesn’t quite offer the same experience internationally.

German users should be able to get Watchever on their Apple TVs simply by rebooting their devices.

Source: The Next Web

Image: Christian Krämer

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