Omerta: City Of Gangsters Hits The Mac In Early 2013, Trailer Released


There’s a new game in town, coming to the Mac early this year, according to Haemimont Games, developer of Tropico. Omerta: City of Gangsters has you work your way up the criminal scene of 1920’s Atlantic City. Start running small jobs, recruit new gang members, and take down other mobsters, grabbing their territory as you take them out. Eventually, you’ll set up your own city-wide crime syndicate and rule Atlantic City’s seedy underground.

Omerta is a rule or code that prohibits divulging the information about the activities of a criminal organization. The game of the same name will feature an historically acurate Atlantic City with 20 unique districts, each with its own real-world landmarks. You’ll be able to play a story-based campaign or an open-world sandbox free play mode.

You’ll get to plan coups, expand your territory, exhort the competition and bribe the authorities, all while planning out tactical combat with other criminals, pull off bank heists, robberies, and street heists. There will be 15 unique characters to control, each with their own personality, background and skills to take in account. There will also be some RPG-like skill trees to help your character become even better at crime! Of course, no game would be complete without competitive and cooperative online multiplayer, and Omerta: City Of Gangsters promises the same, with persistent gangs populating the online play systems.

Sounds like a fairly cool game, and the video above has piqued my interest in this cross between a city-building sim and a strategy game. We’ll be sure to let you know when we hear more about it, of course!

Omerta: City of Gangsters arrives January 31 in Europe and February 12 in North America on PC and Xbox 360, as well. Here’s hoping that the Mac version won’t be far behind.

Source: Joystiq

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  • DrM47145

    That’s great! Keep on feeding the Adam Lanzas of the world with more realistic scenarios to practice!

  • Jonathan Ober

    That’s great! Keep on feeding the Adam Lanzas of the world with more realistic scenarios to practice!

    Really? Turning this into a political thing. Violent video games do not cause violent behavior in everyone that plays them. If it did then there would have been many more people killing people over the last 30 years. I have played games from the time I was a young kid and I have never killed anyone nor does shooting someone in a video game make me want to shoot someone in real life.