The Pogo Connect Just Might Be The Best Stylus For Your iPad [CES 2013]


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When it comes to styluses for your iPad, there’s quite a few options, but none are quite like the Connect, Pogo’s newest stylus that they’re showing off at CES this year. The Connect is a pressure-sensitive stylus with some unique features that set it apart from the rest.

The Pogo connect lets you rest your hand on the iPads screen while drawing, something that can come in handy when using the stylus for extended periods of time. Because of this, your hand won’t get sore trying to rest it on the bezel to avoid unwanted input from your wrist.

In addition, the Pogo Connect has an undo button built right into the body of the pen, so that you can fix your mistakes quickly without having to fiddle around with the software controls. A light on the undo button glows to show you which color you are drawing with as well, for easy reference.

The stylus connects to your iPad with Bluetooth in order to relay pressure information and when you’re using the pen back to the iPad.  The Pogo Connect is available now for $79.95 from Ten 1 Design.

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  • jaevincom

    Pogo Connect is a cool stylus. Have you checked out the new Griffin glowing stylus also showcased at CES 2013. You can also find out more styluses at