This Is The Only Stylus I Would Actually Use [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – Let’s be honest, iPad styluses are pretty boring. I’ve tried to use a few different models, but the problem is you always have to take it with you and then you forget about it because you’re so used to using pens.

It’s nearly impossible for me to get excited about styluses, but LunaTick’s new Touch Pen is the first stylus I’ve seen that’s actually made me think a stylus could be useful.

The cool factor of the Touch Pen is that it’s a a pen and stylus in one. There are a lot of stylus/pen combos on the market, but to use those you have to flip the tool upside down to alternate between pen and stylus modes.

With the Touch Pen you just push a button and a pen pops down. Click the button again and the pen is gone and it’s ready to work as a stylus. You can get the Touch Pen in an alloy body or plastic, but both feel great and are the perfect size for writing a quick note on paper, or drawing a picture in Paper. They cost $20 each and are available now.


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  • ulyssesric

    I’m sure you’ll find yourself frequently writing on the tablet with pen head and writing on the paper with stylus head.

  • donna321

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  • strider3030

    Seeing this article mad me happy that I had been a kickstarter supporter of the stylus. It works great and I use it every day. Great well through out product.

  • lambaline

    just ordered mine yesterday!