Nifty Mini Drive Really Is Nifty [CES2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – CES isn’t just about the big names. We ran into the folks from Nifty Mini Drive, a successful Kickstarter project which is about to go on general sale. The Nifty is a tiny dongle which house a microSD card, and then slots into your MacBook’s SD card slot.


If you were short-sighted enough to have bought a 128GB or smaller MacBook Air then you’ll constantly be running up against storage limits. The nifty does exactly what an SD card would do – add extra space – only it sits flush with the side of the computer so you can leave it permanently attached.

It’s like adding an extra (slower) SSD to your Mac.

The Nifty comes with a little hook to pull it out (due to size constraints there’s no push-to-eject mechanism), and you can of course swap in extra drives as you like.

Want one? You can pick one up at the end of the month in Feb/March for $40.

Source: The Nifty MiniDrive

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  • Gadget

    Kingston sells a 64GB micro SD class 10 card for $75. It’s rated at 10MB/s. This sounds like a great idea for that SD card slot in the side of my rMBP that I never use.

  • balcis

    is it just a micro to normal-size sd card adapter or what?

  • SiBlackwell

    Don’t bother. I preordered in October and was told a December delivery. Then, 2 weeks in to December they emailed all their customers to say they wouldn’t be able to fulfil the December commitment – they must have known this before then. They promised January delivery at that point, but no one has heard a thing from them since. Disgusting to see them pedalling at CES when they have thousands of customers they simply haven’t done anything with – other than take the money and come back with no goods. Steer clear until you know it’s a product you can order and then get ‘x’ days later in the post. I question whether it’ll ever see the light of day from these guys. A typical case of a good idea from people with no commercial or service based acumen.

  • Aybara

    I am also a Kickstarter backer. Still waiting for the two I Kickstartered for to be delivered or even provide an update.

  • 77slevin

    I’m in the same boat as Aybara & SiBlackwell. I ordered 2 nifty drives just after the Kickstarter project ended and the website allowed orders outside of Kickstarter. This was early September. Got a mail in December that said: delivery for this month wouldn’t be possible. It doesn’t bode well, if even the Kickstarter backers didn’t receive theirs yet.

  • 77slevin

    is it just a micro to normal-size sd card adapter or what?

    Nope. A normal-sized SD card adapter would not be able to fit completely in the SD slot. This makes it fragile when you want to leave the memory card permanently in the slot. The Nifty drive is half the size of a normal SD card and is able to use a micro SD card as memory.

  • Machungry

    They also have two other competitors. Nifty drive looks the best but is not shipping. One competitor is the minidrive ( ). Base on the amazon reviews, they are shipping($20) even though they are made out of plastic. The other competitor is only selling in Asia call smartsuit. All 3 products are very similar in design.

  • 77slevin

    they are shipping($20) even though they are made out of plastic.

    Don’t be fooled, the Nifty drive is also plastic. They started out on Kickstarter to be made out of metal, but changed it during the run to plastic. This is a quote from the Kickstarter page:” The main difference between the prototype and the production model is that we change the casing material of the body from mostly aluminium to an engineering plastic.”

    I would totally go for the Minidrive now, problem is: Nifty already got my money.