Fisher-Price’s New Apptivity iPad Case Is Perfect For Kids [CES 2013]


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Fisher-Price is showing off a new iPad case along with some apps at CES that are perfect for any child. The Create and Learn Apptivity case, as it’s called, is a rugged, kid friendly case made for use by children. It not only securely holds the iPad, protecting the entire unit, but also has an integrated handle and stylus connected to the case.

Fisher-Price will also be launching some companion iPad apps along with the case which provide a fun an educational experience for kids. The apps not only provide a creative outlet through drawing and other activities, they integrate augmented reality through the use of tracking cards which let you play with objects onscreen that are tracked in real time.

Fisher-Price says that the Apptivity case along with its apps will debut in fall of this year for $39.99.

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