The iMusic Body Rhythm Lets You Feel The Beat As You Rock Out To Justin Bieber [CES 2013]


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If you’ve ever wanted to feel your music while you listen to it, look no further than CES iMusic Body Rhythm, a new product being shown off at CES. Cult Of Mac’s Buster Heine went hands on with the product to rock out to some Justin Bieber tunes and see how it works.

The iMusic Body Rhythm works in conjunction with an iPhone app that detects the beat in songs you play and lets you feel the music as you listen. You can also tap on the screen of your iPhone to make your own rhythms, like a virtual drum. That app that interfaces with the devices that rests on your shoulders works over Bluetooth, to allow a simple setup process.

If you’d like to find out more about the iMusic Body Rhythm, you can check out its Kickstarter page here.

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