Hundreds Makes You Wish You Had Hundreds Of Fingers [Review]


Red and dead
Red and dead

This is Hundreds, a game from the same people who brought you Canablat and Wurdle, among others.

Hundreds is a multi-touch tapping challenge for your mind and your reflexes. Rather like Letterpress, it has a gorgeous minimalist look to it. Where so many games are all about collecting stars, this one encourages you to look for empty spaces.

The concept is very simple to grasp: on every level, you must tap circles until your total score reaches 100.

There are catches, of course. Circles grow as you tap them, and growing circles must not touch each other, or any of the other obstacles that might show up.

Playing it safe on level 3
Playing it safe on level 3

Sometimes the circles are linked with partner circles that must be tapped at the same time. Most of the time, they’re moving (and not always in predictable ways).

What’s really impressive is the gameplay design: there are no “instructions” here. You start at round one with a simple circle. You’re not told what to do, you have to work it out. Of course, on a touch-screen phone the only thing you can do is tap and see – which is exactly what you should do.

In this way you’re lured deeper into the game. As the levels go on, new ideas and new twists are introduced. It’s enticing and addictive. As things get more intense, you start wishing you’d evolved a few more fingers (and a much faster brain) to get from one level to the next.

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

Despite the name and the description, don’t worry that you literally have to tap 100 times for every level. Holding down your finger on a circle quickly increases your score. The actual number of taps will be a lot fewer than 100; the main challenge is working out when to tap and for how long. It quickly gets complicated and very tricky.

Hundreds has been getting rave reviews from buyers and gamers alike, and it’s easy to see why. The visuals are beautiful, the music worth listening to, the gameplay is spot on, the whole thing shines. It’s a high quality game and completely worth spending a few dollars on (at the time of writing, priced at $3/£2, though it will go up very soon). Recommended.

Source: App Store

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