Every Dev Needs This iOS Design Cheat Sheet


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When you’re designing an app for iOS, you need to take into account what specific devices you’re building for, whether it be just the iPhone, iPad, or both. There are several Retina and non-Retina screen resolutions to remember, and then there are other nerdy elements like PPI and color temperature.

User interface designer Ivo Mynttinen has published an updated version of his handy iOS Design Cheat Sheet, “a collection of useful data about iOS devices and things you have to keep in mind when designing something for iOS.”

Whether you’re a novice iOS dev or a seasoned pro, this cheat sheet is a handy thing to bookmark for future reference. There’s a clean chart for all of the iOS device resolutions, display stats, icons, and common design elements.

Source: Ivo Mynttinen

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2 responses to “Every Dev Needs This iOS Design Cheat Sheet”

  1. bfizzzle says:

    very enlightening article Alex O.o

  2. Brandon Dillon says:

    Now let’s see the Android one

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