Felt Audio: Take Your iPhone’s Sound And Snap It On Anywhere [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – The idea behind Felt Audio’s lineup of iPhone accessories is simple. We’re going to let you take the sound from your iPhone and snap it on anywhere.


For Felt’s first prodict, the pocket Pulse Bluetooth speaker, imagine a jambox that attaches to the outside of your iPhone, giving you far beefier sound in a small package thanks to a 39mm driver ensconced in a battery good for 8 hours of jams. If you want to simply amplify your iPhone, their Bluetooth speaker does it, but it also snaps off, allowing you to clip it on elsewhere for more strategically placed sound, like a belt buckle, a bicycle handle or a car dash. And it even has an embedded mic for hands-free calls.


Felt’s Rewind earbuds are the same idea, but applied to earbuds instead of a speaker. The idea here is a small compartment that sucks in audio through Bluetooth and squirts it out to a pair of connected earbuds that can be retracted with a cord. When attached to your iPhone, the system serves as a sort of earbuds bandolier, but the system can also be detached, allowing you to, say, through your phone into your bag, clip the Rewind module to your sleeve and go out for a tangleless jog… all without a couple of bulky, uncomfortable flux capacitors flapping around your ears.

Both of Felt’s products attach to the iPhone modularly thanks to their durable polycarbonate cases, which come free with both products. If you want one, they come in White Snow Crash, Black Out and Grey Ash, and all cost $99. They’ll be shipping in the coming weeks.

Source: Felt Audio

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