Sound An Alarm When Your iPhone Battery Has A Full Charge [iOS Tips]


Battery for iPhone

Ever wonder how long it’s going to take to charge your iPhone up all the way? Would it be helpful if your iPhone made some type of sound if it was ready to be taken off the charging cable?

Cleverly named iOS app, Battery, can help you with both of these things, and it’s free to boot. Check it out.

Battery is more than just an alarm for battery charge, though. It’s also a battery analysis tool for your iPhone, and it comes with several battery life tips, like use Auto Lock, or Auto Brightness.

Download Battery from the App Store and then open it on your iPhone. Tap the button in the lower left, and you’ll see how much time you have left on your iPhone based on the specific activity, like video watching, listening to music, and the like. Tap the far right button to turn the Alarm Sound on or off, and to set the number of times the alarm will repeat. You can also tap through to the Tips on this screen, as well as view the running processes on your iPhone.

Customize the picture of the battery with national flags, solid colors, or various pictures by tapping the button second to the far right along the bottom. Tap the middle button for historical battery life stats, though you’ll need to wait some time for this to populate.

Finally, tap the second from the left button along the bottom when your iPhone is charging up. This will show you how much battery life is left on your iPhone, and a large set of numbers showing the amount of time it will take to finish charging. You can also toggle the alarm sound on and off here.

Source: App Store
Via: Addictive Tips