Add Smart Text Overlays To Your Instagram Photos With InstaWeather Pro [iOS Tips]


InstaWeather Pro

I like Instagram, with its fun filters and social features. I’m glad the latest controversy over the terms of use and privacy concerns has been dealt with, at least for now. One thing that I’ve always wondered, though is why Instagram didn’t have any text overlay features.

With InstaWeather (and InstaPlace, really), you can place some location and weather-aware overlays on your Instagram photos, giving you a whole new conduit for sharing information or amusing your Instagram friends.

Download InstaWeather Pro for $0.99 from the App Store (or the Free version if you like), and launch it on your iPhone. The first time you launch it, the app will ask you for permission to access your location. Say yes.

After a short delay, InstaWeather Pro will put an overlay with the place and weather information it pulls from your location data over a live camera view. There are 12 different “skins” to choose from, each with its own specific text layout and such. Swipe left or right to choose the skin you want, then up or down to place the overlay on the top or the bottom of your picture.

Once you’ve chosen the layout you like, and placed it on the photo area, tap the big camera icon to snap the shot. then, tap the Share button to send to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also email or save the image to your camera roll.

InstaPlace does the same thing, only overlaying your current location on top of the photo.

Both apps are pretty slick, work well, and provide a nice way to add some info to your Instagram photos.

Source: App Store
Via: Addictive Tips