iPod Touch Falls 100,000 Feet And Survives Without A Scratch Thanks To G-Form [Video]



G-Form is a case manufacturer that’s famous for taking expensive devices and running them over, throwing them off balconies, and dropping bowling balls on top of them. The company is so confident its cases can withstand damage of this magnitude that it’s more than happy to prove it. Its latest trick sees Apple’s latest iPod touch take a 100,000-foot free fall inside the company’s new Xtreme iPhone 5 case. It survives without a scratch.

During its fall, the iPod touch had to withstand -60° (-76F) temperatures, high winds, and “maximum drop speeds,” G-Form says. As it landed, the device slammed into a rocky mountainside near Area 51, 40 miles from its launch site. Incredibly, the device didn’t even pick up a scratch, and still worked perfectly.

Check it out:

“People are blown away that we could send a device guarded with solely our sleek iPhone case up to 100,000 feet and then let it free fall without worry,” said Thom Cafaro, VP of Innovations for G-Form. “With an ordinary case people might worry if they simply dropped it off of a table or while getting out of their car.  This test just proves how confident we are that the new XTREME line will protect against anything.”

G-Form will be demonstrating its new Xtreme cases, which fit a wide variety of Android and iOS devices, at CES in Las Vegas next week. Xtreme cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and Samsung Galaxy S III will all be available to purchase by the end of this month.

Source: G-Form

  • lowtolerance

    Thanks to terminal velocity, they probably could have dropped this from 100 feet and gotten the same effect(and for a lot cheaper), but then they wouldn’t be able to sucker major tech blogs into running marketing pieces for them.

  • 5imo

    Thanks to terminal velocity.

    Damit beat me just about to say something along those lines!

  • The_Network

    I dont believe it was going that fast and it appears to have landed on the balloon, which gave cushion to the landing.

  • DonPope

    Looks like the way they brought it down was by popping the ballon. The deflated ballon remained attached and acted as a streamer parachute, significantly reducing the speed of descent. I don’t think the phone reached terminal velocity.

  • kobe_3002

    iPod touch? They clearly stated it was an iPhone. Did you not watch the video? Lol