Lunatik Goes Crazy With Protective iPhone 5 Cases [CES 2013]



Lunatik’s new Taktik Extreme case for the iPhone 5 heads a lineup of rather overprotective phone prophylactics. If cases were condoms, the Taktik extreme would be the extra-strength safety model, the Seismik would be the ribbed version, and the Flak would be the ultralight, “natural feel” member of the group.

But today we’ll stick with the Taktik Extreme, a multi-layered monster of protection which features Corning Gorilla Glass not only over the screen but also over the camera, meaning you’ll never have to take the thing off, even for high-quality photos.

It’ll also shrug off dust and water, and you can bounce your iPhone 5 around as if you were Pau Gasol, without any ill effects. For a while anyway.

Price and launch date tba.

Source: LUNATIKLife

Thanks: Gina!

  • lanestew

    This case is horrible. Rainbow effects under the glass. The plastic bezel scratches with a fingernail. It’s heavy. Their customer service is horrible. Big waste of money. I regret buying the Taktik.