As You Were: Apple And Waze Aren’t In Buy-Out Talks



Yesterday, we reported with intense skepticism the “rumor” (in actuality, baseless speculation) that Apple had offered Waze, the social turn-by-turn navigation company, $500 million in a potential buy-out deal.

The deal didn’t make a lot of sense for a number of reasons, and now, it looks we were right to scoff. Techcrunch — the same publication that initially publicized the so-called Apple/Waze “deal” — is now saying that no deal has ever been on the table.

Techcrunch’s M.G. Siegler reports:

And while Mike Butcher also claimed multiple sources in his original post, you’ll note that he was quick to qualify the information as a “rumor” (or in British parlance — Mike is English — a “rumour”). Because that’s exactly what it was. This isn’t a rumor (of a non-deal). There is no deal is happening. At least not now or anytime soon.

As far as Siegler is concerned, all that Waze and Apple have ever done is talk together about the possibility of working more closely together in the future, but these are very low-level talks.

Another baseless pre-CES rumor to fill out the news week, in other words. As you were!

Source: Techcrunch