Turn Your Coffee Table Into An Apple Store Style Display With This iPad Mini Mount




If you want your iPad mini to feel extra special, or if you’re worried about friends coming over and scratching it, or stealing it, this heavy-duty acrylic security base looks just like the ones Apple uses to keep hardware safe at the Apple Store.

The iPad Mini Security Base can turn your iPad mini into a kiosk display, or protect it from thieves with its tamper-proof screws, while still giving you full access to your beloved iPad mini.

Mounting the security base to a surface is pretty simple and only requires adhesive strips, but you can use screws too if you want to make it more challenging for theives. The entire iPad Mini Security Base is 1.25 inches thick and it has slots so you can access the Lightning port, headphone jack, on/off switch and home button. But if you want to turn up the volume you’re screwed.

You can pick the security mount up online for $80 and slap it down on your coffee table to make your living room feel like an Apple Store, and because the case weighs two pounds, you’ll probably never want to move it anyway.

Source: NewPCGadgets

Via: Gizmodo


  • urmand

    “But if you want to turn up the volume you’re screwed.”
    – just double tap the home button and swipe to the right…