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35% Of U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Now Own An iPhone




The battle for smartphone supremacy between iOS and Android has been going on for years now, and even though a host of other manufacturers and operating systems have been introduced, no one has been able to slow down the popularity of the iPhone and Android.

The iPhone continued to increase its marketshare at the end of 2012 according to the latest analysis from comScore. While other platforms shrank in size, Apple’s iPhone now accounts for 35% of the U.S. smartphone marketshare, with Android smartphones taking 53.7%.

When it comes to handset manufacturing, Samsung is leading Apple with 26.9% of mobile subscribers, but Apple’s popularity increased to 18.5% and is growing slightly faster than Samsung’s over the three month span of August to November. Apple managed to overtake LG as the second most popular mobile OEM according to comScore, while Motorola and HTC also lost marketshare.

An estimated 123.3 million people in the U.S. (53%) own smartphones, which is up 6% since August. Even though Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 on Nokia branded smartphones, their share of the smartphone subscriber market actually dropped 0.6% in November while RIM has continued its downward spiral as well. Right now the smartphone wars are nothing but a two man race to the finish with everyone else fighting for scraps.

Source: comScore