iPhone 5S To Get New ‘Touch-On-Display’ As Apple Ditches In-Cell Touch Tech [Rumor]


Photo: CBS Interactive

If you believe all the rumors you read about the next iPhone, then you’re probably expecting it to come in all kinds of sizes and a wide variety of colors. The latest claims that Apple is set to ditch the iPhone 5’s in-cell touch technology after just one year in favor of a new “touch-on-display” technology from Chimei Innolux. According to the report, the move will prevent the interference issues Apple has had with the iPhone 5’s display.

Apple’s switch to in-cell touch technology helped make the iPhone 5 remarkably thin. It fuses the LCD panel and the digitizer together as one part, making it significantly thinner than previous iPhone displays, in which the two components are separate. However, the China Times reports that the new technology has been causing interference issues for the iPhone 5.

Those interference issues are said to be the cause of the iPhone 5’s scrolling glitch, which causes the display to stop accepting touch inputs if you continually slide your finger up and down the screen too quickly.

The China Times claims that Innolux’s “touch-on-display” technology can prevent that, while also keeping the screen just as slim. The company has reportedly sent samples to Apple already for testing and certification. If all goes well, the new technology is expected to make its debut in the next iPhone, believed to be the iPhone 5S.

Source: China Times

Via: AppAdvice

  • FriarNurgle

    More likely for the iPhone 6. Anything other than the standard spec bump for “S” models is extremely improbably.

  • Alexander530

    I didn’t even know there’s an issue with my iPhone5’s display. No one really does that gesture that triggers it in the first place.

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