$29 For A Hot Dog Bun And A Pen? The DockMinimal [Indiegogo]



DockMinimal is – surprise! – a minimal dock. It’s only minimal in looks, though, as this thing not only holds your iPad at pretty much any angle you want, it also works with almost any tablet-like device you have.

Hell, there’s even a hidden stylus.

I’m sticking by my beloved PadPivot for all my iPad and Kindle-propping needs, but the DockMinimal doesn’t look too bad. Its cylindrical body has a cutout along one edge, into which you insert the correct rubber bumpers to match your tablet. And in the back you stick a little, uh, stick to keep it from rolling over.

It’s like a hot dog bun with a biro jammed into it.

That stick also has a stylus inside (and why not, right?), and a hole inside the plastic bun accepts various charging cables thanks to some interchangeable clamps.

Want one? You’ll have to wait. Like most of the product announcements in this pre-CES week, the DockMinimal is a crowd-funded project, this time on Indiegogo, and the minimum pledge to get one is $29.