iPen 2 Aims To Let You Write Directly On Your iMac Or iPad Screen


iPen 2

Cregle, the makers of the iPen, a Kickstarter-funded iPad stylus, have upped their game with plans for a second generation digital pen, called appropriately enough, the iPen 2. It’s also gotten a Kickstarter project, and it’s also going to have an iPad model. What’s different this time, though, is that the iPen 2 will have a Mac version of the digital pen, allowing you to write directly on your iMac or Apple Cinema Display.

The iMac model of the universal stylus for Apple Display will retail for $169, and will let you write or draw directly on an iMac screen, using a set of sensors that attaches directly to your iMac display. The stylus will then be compatible with every app on Mac OSX, according to the developers.

The iPad version of the iPen 2 has a case that attaches via the Lightning connector dock port, and then attaches to the back of the iPad, and will retail for $119. The developers hope to reach their stretch goals to make the smaller sensor case possible.

The sensor system, whether on iPad or iMac, uses two different invisible light sensors that triangulate the pen’s relative location on the screen, which then transmits that data to the Mac, making for a digital pen/stylus combo that can work across the whole screen.

Your pledge will be used for:

Mass production including tooling, testing, assembling and purchase of customized components.
Optimize iPen driver with advanced features.
With extra fund, we will be able to design different receivers and iPen stand for iMac.

For reward options and more details than you can shake a stick at, head over to the iPen 2’s Kickstarter page, and be sure to watch the (unembeddable) video there, too.

Source: Kickstarter