The EX Hybrid Controller Is Like A MagSafe Gamepad & Keyboard For Your iPhone 5


A lot of people want both an iPhone and a physical QWERTY keyboard, but they don’t want the extra bulk. Similarly, some people want a physical control pad, but they don’t want to ensconce their device in a massive case to get one.

That’s the genius of the EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5. It’s a Bluetooth controller that magnetically attaches to a special shell on the back of your device: flip it one way and it’s a keyboard, flip it another and it’s a gamepad. And when you’re not using it? Another magnetic backplate snaps on top of it to keep it protected and tidy.

The EX Hybrid Controller is on sale now for $49.90.

Source: iPhone 5 Mod

  • DonPope

    Cool idea, but I wonder how much tactile feedback those keys have. They look kinda flat.

  • scottasavage

    The “Engrish” on the site has me somewhat leery about buying one from them, not to mention their video doesn’t actually show the product being used. They show it attached, but they never show anyone typing or playing a game.