JuiceCane, A Stackable, Scaleable Mobile Power Pack



Do you know your 7,200-times-table by heart? Good, because if you buy the JuiceCane, you’re going to need it.

Why? Because the JuiceCane is a stackable, extendable spare battery which packs 7,200 mAh of power, and can be joined to other JuiceCanes to increase that capacity.

Each 100-gram (four-ounce) JuiceCane is around 10cm (four inches) long, and has a pair of USB sockets for charging multiple devices. Remove the end caps and you can daisy-chain (daisy-cane?) several units together into a long, bamboo-shaped stick. Also planned for the future of this Indiegogo project is are various caps which clip over the end to turn a cane into a nightlight or handy lamp.

It’s pretty funny that we used to carry dumb batteries to swap into our phones and laptops, and now we carry external power-packs which double as speakers or flashlights. I call that progress.

The kits are entirely modular, so you can pack just what you need. Prices are as screwy as you’d expect from a crowd-funding campaign, but the eventual retail price will be $50 for the charger, charging tips and wall-prongs. Not bad, considering you can pay that for a wall-charger alone.

Source: Indiegogo