Build A Faster, Smarter, And Stronger Mac With The Yazsoft Mac Bundle [Deals]


CoM - Playback

A new year is upon us, and with that comes a time to refresh and renew your Mac. Cult of Mac Deals has a stellar offer to kick off the new year – one that will give you 4 powerful apps that will make your Mac faster, smarter, and stronger. And all for just $25!

The Yazsoft Mac Bundle consists of the following apps (Regular price is in parentheses):

  1. ShareTool 2: ShareTool is a fast and extremely secure way to remain connected to your home or office when on the go. (Value: $15)
  2. PlayBack: Turn your gaming console into a full-on digital entertainment mecca with PlayBack. Playback will share almost any content on your system – and with no configuration required. (Value: $15)
  3. Attachments Menu: Attachment Menu indexes all Apple Mail messages that contain attachments and puts them in an organized, always accessible menu bar. Finding that attachment you’re looking for will never be easier than with Attachments Menu. (Value: $10)
  4. UnBlunder: Recover files before they are gone forever with UnBlunder. You no longer need to bother with expensive, complicated file recovery software. (Value: $10)

There’s no better time than now to pick up some apps that will help you start off the year right. This Cult of Mac Deals offer is designed just for that – all you need to do is pick it up…today. This $25 deal won’t last long!