Braven’s Huge 850 Portable Bluetooth Boombox [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – Braven, the maker of some of the best Bluetooth portable speakers we have used, has just announced its new Big Jambox competitor – the 850.

Like the 650, the new speaker comes in a drilled aluminum case which is both stylish and light. Unlike the 650, it is huge, with a sound to match.

The 850 also inherits the emergency battery charger function of the 600 series, letting you plug a cellphone or other depleted gadget into its full-sized USB port to charge. Now, though, the bigger battery makes this way more useful.

The speaker itself comes in just shy of a foot long [insert Subway sandwich/subwoofer joke here], and also gives proper push-button control for play/pause, and integrates a speakerphone. This last is excellent should you find yourself on the line to Darth Vader, as it will reproduce his trademark rasping breath way more faithfully than the iPhone’s admittedly decent speaker.

Price TBA, but I’d be very surprised if it goes over the Big Jambox’s $300 price-point. Review (hopefully) coming soon.

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Source: BRAVEN
Thanks: Mark!