Milk Will Print Your Photos Into A Moleskine Notebook



Photo-book printing service Milk has teamed up with overpriced notebook maker Moleskine to make overpriced photo books in the shape of – you guessed it – Moleskine notebooks.

The books, which start at a hefty $50 (20 pages), have the familiar round-cornered hard covers, elastic strap and air of mass-market exclusivity. But they also contain your photos, printed in color onto photo paper with your choice of layouts and lettering styles.


I was chatting about photo printing just the other day, and somebody at the table said that photo books are not only cheaper but way better quality than sticking your own prints into an old-style album.

I totally agree, having tried out some of these services first hand. Not only can you edit and tweak the layout from the comfort of your own computer, you never have to worry about the photo-corners’ glue failing and dumping all of your pictures into a pile.

The Moleskiine/Milk mashup is available now.

Source: Milk

Via: Photojojo