Instagram Adds New Filter, Hopes You’ll Forget It Tried To Sell You Out



Instagram’s iOS app has been updated to v3.4.0. It fixes a few ridiculous omissions from the last version, and adds a new filter, no doubt as a way to get users to shut up about the Terms of Service debacle.

The new filter is called Mayfair, and is no compensation for those still hurting from the removal of the excellent Gotham filter, back in the day. It adds extra contrast, makes people’s skin look a bit redder and everything else a little greener. It’s a perfectly nice filter, but doesn’t add much to the app.

What does add something to the app is the new album picker. The last update to Instagram added a great new way to browse your camera roll. The trouble was, it only let you access your camera roll – all other albums, including your Photo Stream, were locked away. Now you can get to those, too, and they’re arranged with the newest pictures at the top, as the God of Smart Organization intended.

There are a few more fixes, but not enough to get you back from the amazing new Flickr app if you already jumped ship.

Source: iTunes App Store