You’ve Heard Of The Mighty Mouse, Well Here’s The Mighty Apple Speaker [Image]




Would you pay $53 for these Apple logo speakers? They’re beautiful right? Granny apple green cut in the precise shape of a famous Cupertino computer company’s logo. They’re mighty, just like Apple’s old mouse, except they probably got bass for days too, and I need me some bass cause I’m bossy.

We’re not exactly sure where you can purchase these stunning speakers, but we want them. According to Reddit you can find them at retail locations in Europe, and a Google search led us to this Direct Promotions website that let’s you purchase them in bulk. If you find out where to get them please let me know. My Jony Ive shrine needs some sitar music flowing from these holy speakers.

  • bdkennedy

    I’m sure Apple’s lawyers are on it.

  • Huntress

    I have all of Apples products but I think I’ll leave this one alone.