Microsoft Uses Child Labor To Shill Windows 8 [Video]



If you pop into your local Microsoft store and ask for a demonstration of Windows 8, there’s a chance the store assistant will disappear and send over an 11-year-old child to help you. That’s what the company is doing in Portugal in an effort to prove its new operating system is so intuitive, even a child can use it. Either that or it’s taking advantage of cheap child labor.

Using children to promote a product isn’t new; Apple often features little ones in its iOS ads to highlight how fun and magical its iPhones and iPads are, and how entertaining it can be to ask Siri random questions. But I think sending them into retail stores to teach people all about a new operating system must be a first. Check out the video below.

It’s a cool publicity stunt — one that’s likely to become very popular. But will it convince people that Windows 8 is a good purchase? I’m not so sure. A lot of long-time Windows users are avoiding Windows 8 because it’s so different to its predecessors, and therefore hard to get used to.

While this approach may convince you otherwise, it could also make some feel much older and more out of touch than they actually are. I know that’s exactly how it would make my grandparents feel.

Source: YouTube

Via: The Next Web