The Dorktastic iPhone Theater: Don’t Even Think About Bringing A Date



I usually avoid posting about concept designs because most of them are so lame. But the iPhone Theater deserves a special mention, somewhat ironically for the very same reason – it’s so lame.

The design, which exists nowhere except in a CAD application, is a miracle of dorkiness. The headphones have a boom with a box at the end designed to house the lightweight iPhone 5, holding it at the optimal position to block your vision and let you walk into things.

The headphones themselves look pretty cool, although they do sport an extra headband around back – presumably to provide some extra stability when the phonearm is extended.

Too dorky for you? Don’t worry: the “theater” folds away when not in use, letting you walk the streets looking completely normal. Look:


I wonder when you would use this? If I’m watching movies, I’m not likely to be walking around, and I especially don’t need to have my hands free while I do it (well, maybe just one hand, depending on the kind of movie).

Then again, maybe I’ll make my own to see how useful it is. I’m sure I can duct-tape an old wire coat-hanger to a baseball cap faster than you can say “enforced celibacy.”

Source: GrabCAD

Via: Yanko Design

  • joewaylo

    Who would even buy this? And why?