Cast Your Vote: Pick The Final Winner For Best iOS App Of 2012 [Poll]


Ladies and gentlemen, your finalists
Ladies and gentlemen, your finalists

With your help, we’ve narrowed down the list of best iOS apps of 2012 to a handful of favorites: Clear, Temple Run, Angry Birds Star Wars, Google Maps, Letterpress, and Paper.

Big thanks to everyone who voted so far. Now’s your chance to pick a winner from the shortlisted finalists.

These are the apps that scored best in our previous round of voting, and it’s fair to say they include some of the year’s very best new apps and games. So, over to you: which one of these do you think deserves the title Best iOS App of 2012?

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  • ctt1wbw

    What is the fascination with Clear? It’s a purely shitty app that is more a PITA to use. Does this company pay every tech blog to promote it? There’s tons of better productivity apps than Clear out there.

  • Timothy Williamson

    What’s the fascination with Google Maps? Another mapping app…yay. Paper was my vote.

  • Shane Bryson

    How is LetterPress not destroying all of these apps?

  • robraden

    Paper was my vote too. I don’t get the love for Google Maps.

  • markrlangston

    First of all, there should be two categories. One for “app” and one for game of the year. My vote for “App” of the Year would be Flipboard and Game of the Year would be Bastion.

    Based on the other comments here Google Maps shouldn’t be anywhere in the running. I’m sure the Android fans are laughing themselves silly that Google Maps would be nominated for App of the Year for iOS to finally get the world-class mapping service they’ve been enjoying for years.

    I’m over the Angry Birds fascination but I understand the Star Wars variant breathed new life into the franchise so being in the running makes sense. But Temple Run can suck it. Agent Dash is better in every conceivable way than Temple Run.

    Did everyone forget about CSR Racing? I’m disappointed they didn’t continue updating the app but that was a killer game. It should at least receive honorable mention. Infinity Blade II, Chrome, Ski Safari, Rayman, Mini Motor, Camera+; how are none of these apps in the running?