John Carmack: Apple Looks Down on iPhone Games



Programmer John Carmack helped bring Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake into the world.

Getting his games on the iPhone was not so easy.

“My relationship with Apple has been long standing, but it’s a roller coaster ride,” he told web site Kotaku. “At the highest level of Apple, in their heart of hearts,” Carmack said. “They’re not proud of the iPhone being a game machine, they wish it was something else.”

However, the popularity of gaming on the iPhone has forced Apple to think different(ly).
And, now that former collaborator Graeme Devine has gone to work for the iPhone Game Technologies division, iPhone games may get the respect they deserve.

Carmack calls Devine his “man on the inside…a real developer and I understand everything he is saying.”
Via Kotaku