Popsicolor 2.0 Teaser Video: A Great iOS Photo App Gets Even Better


Remember the amazing Popsicolor? Of course you do (and if you don’t, go check it out). It’s the app that turns your photos into colorful watercolors that actually look like real watercolors, not terrible 1990s-era Photoshop-plugin-style watercolors.

It’s about to get a rather splendid 2.0 update, and the teaser video is above.

Thankfully, the app offers more of the same – and then some. The basic two-color bleeding gradients remain, only now you can customize those gradients with different directions (previously it was up-down only), ripples, wavy lines and more. You can also add in some black lines which – depending on your source photos – can make the picture look like you took and ink-pen to a watercolor painting. It’s cartoony and neat-looking.

The update should go live in the next few weeks, which probably means you’ll forget about it in the Christmas and New Year hubbub. The good news is that v2.0 will be a free upgrade to the current version, which is awesome enough as it is. So go buy it now and make it impossible to forget about the update, even with your New Year hangover.

Source: iPhoneography