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Ensoul Contacts Automatically Adds iPhoto Faces To Your Contacts



Ensoul Contacts is such a great idea that it seems sure to be Sherlocked in a future version of OS X. Then again, Apple has so neglected both iPhoto and the Mac Contacts app that maybe the Ensoul app is safe. Here’s what it does: Takes photos from the Face section in iPhoto and assigns them to your contacts.

It’s genius, and it’s just $5 (for now at least).

The idea is simple and clever. Fire up the app and it takes a look through both your contacts and your iPhoto library, Since you already told iPhoto who is in your photos so it could perform it’s face-recognition “magic,” you just need to click a button and Ensoul starts matching. You can pick a iOS device to act as a frame for the pictures, to see how they’ll look on your iPhone or iPad, and you can crop and filter the photos right there, should you feel the need.

And that’s it. iCloud syncing takes care of propagating your choices across your devices, and you now have neat pictures which will show up in Mail and Phone apps. And if you can’t face using iPhoto, you can also use Aperture, Photo Booth or any other sources on your Mac.

Ensoul Contact is available in the Mac App Store now.

Source: Macpaw

Thanks, Philip!