Easily Allow Your iPad or iPhone To Save Facebook Photos To The Camera Roll [iOS Tips]


Facebook Photo Save

It’s possible that you’ve been unable to save Facebook photos to your camera roll since upgrading to iOS 6. Maybe you’ve just given up on saving photos from the iOS Facebook app, even. Several users reported this issue when iOS 6 first came out, but maybe you missed out on any solutions.

Well, there’s a potential simple fix that might make it possible for you to start saving Facebook photos to your Camera Roll again.

Launch the Settings app with a tap, then tap on Privacy on the left side. Once int he Privacy settings, Tap on Photos. You’ll see a list of all the apps you have on your iPad or iPhone that have requested access to your Photos. If Facebook is toggled OFF, make sure you tap it to toggle it to ON. You’ll then be able to save photos from within the Facebook app right to your Camera Roll, as before.

The opposite is also true. If you don’t want an app like Facebook to be able to save images to your Camera Roll, simply tap the ON toggle to OFF, and you (and anyone else that tries) won’t be able to save photos to the Camera Roll. Pretty simple, right?

Via: iPad Insight