AT&T Visual Voicemail Is Down For Many Customers Around The Country



If you’re an AT&T subscriber and are having problems accessing your visual voicemail, it’s not just you. We’re hearing reports that a widescale problem is preventing AT&T subscribers from accessing their visual voicemail.

Twitter is full of complaints from AT&T customers who can’t access their visual voicemail:

sfmitch99: AT&T wireless, when will my visual voicemail return? Supposedly problem affects many on west coast – multiple platforms, too.

peter_f_young: @pdxdavidm so silly…but @att advised their visual voicemail was down…still doesn’t change my wish for Christmas. #backtobasics #wantmyvm

FEEDtheMUSIC: AT&T please fix visual voicemail. Also admit it isn’t working and it’s a widespread issue. All my friends are talking – we know.

dacreativeguy: @ATT If visual voicemail breaks across your entire network, can you tell somebody? Is it really efficient to field a million support calls?

macsupport: AT&T Visual Voicemail is still down on the west coast for many users. According to @att it may be down until Monday. Ticket: TT000036408031

According to reader S. Powell who contacted AT&T, they have acknowledged that visual voicemail is down for iPhone users, and that the problem has started in the Northwest and is moving across the United States.

AT&T’s is also acknowledging the issue on Twitter, saying they are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

We’ll update this post when we know more. Are you affected? Let us know.

  • joewaylo

    Nope. I forwarded mine to Google Voice. Never trusted AT&T to vm me in dead zones.

  • johnjwyatt

    My voicemail isn’t working. My physical therapist called me today. I got the caller ID, but nothing about the message he tried to leave. I just tested with my landline, and the VM is doing nothing.

  • presidentiatrocom

    ATT Tech Support managers admitted that a West Coast voice mail outage exists after much denial and resetting my network service, corrupting my voice mail password and greeting. The tried to say it if a “Free” service but refunded $30 for the data service plan after I insisted it is part of the whole enchilada that I pay for (my monthly plan and iPhone 5 is half the size of my monthly Lexus payment). I expect better service and not a bunch of denials and claiming ignorance to the problem. Their size and impact gives them a fiduciary relationship to the public they service! After much pressure from me they admitted their Bothell Data center is down and they have turned all voice mail off while they try to fix the issue. They don’t know when it will be back on again. It affects the entire west coast and other states across the nation, including the android platforms as well. ATT has a very poor disaster recovery plan and are obviously NOT redundantly backed up with mirrored servers. I used to work for EDS that ran Data Centers and our administrative contract included $250,000 liquidated damages for each day we were down. Demand you money back and circulate this widely to go viral! They’ll get the message we expect them to get their act together. They are a bunch of crooks and rip-off artists…

  • QuackQuack

    My voicemail has been down all week. Any messages left for me take 12-48 hours to appear on my phone. Infuriating! Especially when waiting to hear on a potential job offer!