Apple’s New Store In Hong Kong Features A Massive 30-Foot Glass Curtain Wall



Apple’s been focusing their retail expansion overseas the last few years. They recently announced plans to build their first store in South America, and they’ve continued to open up new flagship stores in Asia.

Hong Kong already has two Apple Stores, but a third store is opening up in the Causeway Bay area this Saturday that is both massive and beautiful. The main feature of the Causeway Bay store is its 30-foot glass curtain wall that allows customers to see all three stories of the store while walking by on the street.

The first two floors of the store are dedicated to casual browsing of the iPod, iPad, iPhone and Mac lines, while the third floor has a 360-degree Genius Bar. The new store features the same gray limestone floors, glass walls, and blasted stainless steel support structures featured at most Apple Stores, along with a glass staircase and glass elevator.

Here’s a video of the new store created by MIC Gadget that tries to capture the size and beauty of Apple’s new gem.

Source: MIC Gadget

Image: Twitter