The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Assaults The Mac App Store


Simply gorgeous.
Simply gorgeous.

The critically acclaimed RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is now available on the Mac App Store. The development team promises that your choices really do matter, and will determine the fate of the people and kingdoms in the game. You’ll fight blood-thirsty monsters as protagonist Geralt of Rivia, as well as navigate politics, lies, and gorgeous environments.

The full Enhanced Edition includes all the extras in an uncut version for $19.99, for a limited time on the App Store. It was previously available on Good Old Games and Steam.

Only the latest Macs are able to handle this game, so the developers at CD Projekt RED have prepared a way for you to make sure your Mac can run it, graphically. Head over to the Witcher 2 web page and check your Mac’s compatibility, either by downloading an app that will check automatically or by clicking through some web buttons to specify which specific Mac you own. My mid-2011 Macbook Air isn’t able to run this new edition, unfortunately, but yours may, so be sure to check it out.

You are Geralt of Rivia, a witcher, a member of a mysterious caste of professional beast-slayers created through brutal training and mutation. Witchers specialize in tracking down and killing monsters. Long gone are the days when beasts lived near human settlements in every forest and cave, and the folk of the Northern Kingdoms held witchers in high regard. The age of elf and dwarf massacres has come, a time when men rival monsters in the evil they do, a time when mutated witchers are regarded as dangerous outcasts, neither human nor nonhuman. Amidst this chaos, Geralt is drawn into a bloody conspiracy. Accused of killing a king, the witcher embarks on a solitary quest to clear his name and uncover the mysteries of his past.

Source: Mac App Store

  • ulyssesric

    TW2 was released on Steam months ago. As for the performance issue, drop the pixel resolution to 1280*800 and it runs OK on a 2010 iMac.

    Before you buy this game, take this warning: it ONLY supports the XBox 360 gamepad via USB (with Tattiebogle driver). You shall NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER try to play it with a PS3 Sixaxis controller. Don’t even think about it.

    TW2 can only recognize the direction and camera-angle inputs from analog joysticks on PS3 Sixaxis controller. All the other buttons, including the Start and Select buttons, are not functional. And TW2 will disable all keyboard events when switched to controller mode, including the ESC key, and all the OS-level function hot-keys. Even the Option-Command-ESC is disabled.

    This “feature” will forbid you from tweaking the gamepad events with 3rd party utilities like ControllerMate or GamePad Companion. And the worst part is: you can still use mouse cursor to start the game. But after you entered, you CAN NOT save, load, even quit, since the ESC key is disabled, and the Start button on the PS3 controller is not functional.

    If you happened to get yourself into this fall trap, the only way to quit this game is switching off the machine.

  • Imagestealer

    A 20 GB download? WTF. So much for me getting that. My monthly cap is only 25GB and it would take about 20 hours to download, assuming no interruptions.


  • unfitfuzzball

    Great game, runs like ass.

  • William

    Any idea where Mac stores the saved files from Witcher 2? I can find Witcher 1 Saves, but cannot for the life of me find the save files for Witcher 2.