53% Of Smartphone Buyers Plan To Get An iPhone 5



Android has been dominating the iPhone in terms of market share, but if consumers decide to buy what they really want right now the two platforms’ roles might be reversed. In a new survey, Apple analyst Gene Munster found that 53% of smartphone buyers plan to buy an iPhone 5.

Whether those prospective iPhone 5 owners actually go out and buy the iPhone 5 is a whole other story, but Munster says that interest in the iPhone 5 is growing despite the Maps app fiasco.

For his analysis, Munster polled more than 800 consumers to gauge the demand for the iPhone 5. According to his data, interest in the iPhone 5 has jumped in the last three months from 47.7% to 54.9%.

Coinciding with the increased interest in the iPhone, consumers have become slightly less excited about Google’s Android phones, as interest dropped from 39% to 35.2% over the same three-month span.

Comparing the current demand of the iPhone 5 to that of the iPhone 4S last year, Munster says that demand is up about 36%. With Christmas coming soon, many consumers are probably waiting to be gifted the iPhone 5. Hopefully they’re on Santa’s Nice List and get what they want.

Source: Fortune


  • Stevaroo01

    While I’m all for Apple moving up in popularity, the sample size for this survey seems a little on the small size to draw conclusions about the millions of potential smartphone buyers. Based on Munster’s previous surveys, how accurate are his predictions? I’m just curious.