Keep Your iPhone From Buzzing When In Silent Mode [iOS Tips]


Vibrate Silent

I keep my iPhone in silent mode most of the time; custom ringtones mean relatively little to me. However, as anyone who keeps their iPhone on silent at work knows, text messages and other notifications that come in can still cause the iPhone to vibrate. This can be a little embarrassing, especially if you have set your iPhone on a particularly resonant surface, like a meeting table or a classroom desk, say.

One easy way to do this is to disable vibration for text messages. Tap into your Settings app, and then tap on Sounds. You’ll see two options for Vibrate at the top, there. Tap the Vibrate on Silent toggle to OFF. If you want to turn off vibrate for calls, as well, tap OFF for Vibrate on Ring.

Want to turn off Vibrate all the time? In Settings, Sounds, again, scroll down to the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section. Tap on Text Tone, and then scroll to the top of the resulting settings page. Tap on Vibration, scroll to the bottom, and tap on None. Exit out of Settings, and your iPhone will no longer vibrate when you get a text message or iMessage, whether your iPhone is in silent mode or not.

As a final, more temporary step, you can just enable Do Not Disturb for your phone. Tap into Settings, find Do Not Disturb in the second section down the main Settings page, and tap Do Not Disturb to ON.

Now you have a bit more control of the iPhone vibration function. I sure wish I’d done this before that meeting yesterday, though.

Via: OSX Daily